Win in Suzhou · Win the Future

Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs  (French Division) 

A Global High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform

  • Participants (Team)

    - Master's degree or above. Those who have undertaken major scientific research projects in China, have entrepreneurial experience or related work experience are preferred;


    - Under the age of 55 (born after January 1, 1968), have no bad credit or legal records, and those with special outstanding qualifications may neglect their age limit appropriately;


    - Master the core technology of the participating project, have ownership or usage rights of the participating project patents, and the project must have strong innovation, good market prospects, and economic benefits;  


    - The participating projects have not yet landed in Suzhou during the registration stage.

  • Industry field of participating projects

    The participating projects mainly focus on the four major industrial innovation clusters of digital information, equipment manufacturing, bio-medicine, and advanced materials, and belong to photonics, integrated circuits, new display, artificial intelligence, industrial software, aerospace, intelligent vehicle networking, robots and CNC, new energy, innovative drugs, high-end medical devices, new nano-materials, advanced metal materials, high-performance functional fiber materials, or emerging new industries such as the digital economy and meta-verse. Or in transportation, civil engineering, culture and art and other fields.



France Finals • Paris

June 2023

1.  Set one first prize, reward 30,000¥/person (approx 3900€) ; two second prizes, reward 20,000¥ yuan/person (approx 2600€); three third prizes, reward 10,000¥/person (approx 1300€).


2.  Those who meet the basic conditions of the Gusu Leading Talent Plan can directly enter the interview process if they win the first prize; second and third prize winners can appropriately break through restrictions such as academic qualifications and time of arrival in Suzhou when applying;


3.  The winning projects will directly enter the candidate projects for the Global Finals.

World Finals

July 2023

1.  The finals are divided into the Growth Group and the Developed Group. Each group sets one first prize, reward 100,000¥/person (approx 13000); two second prizes, reward 50,000¥/person (approx 6500); three third prizes, reward 20,000¥/person  (approx 2600); and four honorable mentions, which reward 10,000¥/person (approx 1300).


2. Award-winning projects will be given priority recommendations to cooperative (related) venture capital institutions and priority credit support for the "LiuChuangDai" special loan in Suzhou.


3.  Subsidies for transportation and free accommodation in Suzhou during the Global Final.